Hop cones are the female inflorescence of the hop plant and are well known for their use in brewing beer. Depending on the cultivar, hops will produce various levels of alpha acids, beta acids and oils. The level of these compounds classifies each hop cultivar as either an aromatic hop (for aroma) or a bittering hop (for flavour). Ontario's craft brewing industry is currently the largest buyer of Ontario grown hops.

Aside from the brewing process hops are also used as a medicinal herb. Traditionally hops were used in teas or tinctures as a sedative to reduce tension and aid in digestion or stuffed into pillows as a sleep aid. Today, hops are still found in herbal products for these purposes.

Hops are also widely grown as ornamental garden plants and can be dried for use in decorative garlands or arrangements.

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The Bitter the Better!

Hops aren't just for beer! They can also go into tinctures, bitters, infused honey and oils.

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